Abuser du bon
Abuser du bon

This Moment Is My Call; Rising Up Through Mindfulness Practice

In the here and now there are two things I can reach for to steady my footing and stand as I wish to in this world: I can remember my intention and consciously choose how I want to show up and what I will do, or will not do, in accordance with my values and what is dear and important to me. I can also drop into the very porous, fertile pool of possibility, potentiality and wisdom of the present moment, make myself available, wait for knowing to arise, and, in that clarity, see the action to take, and take it.


By Leah R Vineberg

Not a lotta talk about God or intentionality in Buddhist practice, though there is some. But it is clear to me that the cultivation of awareness of the present moment accesses a Divine realm, wherein abundant beauty, love, peace and connection are seen, and known. And wise, unanticipated actions and outcomes are ours for the experiencing. It’s Paradise, here and now. It’s more about what you need to let go of to get it. Ajahn Chah said,


“If you let go a little you a will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace.”



But why let go?

Especially when it’s so juicy to be Right.
Because we remember what we really, deeply want. We want to be that peace. We want that, as our dwelling place, and we want to move through the world, from there.

As we practice Mindfulness, on the seat, and in our daily lives, we recalibrate, we tune in and attune to the world around us. We touch peace. We experience our breath moving in and our breath moving out, and we are profoundly nourished by this simple breath. We sit deeply within the physical experience of our own body resting, breathing. We know calm, we feel serene, we see clearly. We come to know, as a lived experience, that actual peace is possible.


And here’s the thing.

As soon as we are free enough to know and live this peace, this being-with-what-is, we become immediately available to be of service: it’s automatic. We know what is needed. We connect to the magic of the present moment, we strap in to the Peace Train, all angels aboard, and we know Just * what * to * Do. And a very important re-aligning takes place when we make conscious choice, when we exercise our agency to live our best lives, to be, ourselves, places of tranquility in the world. And each time we re-member our peace within, our kindness toward others, we re-program ourselves; we make a new groove in the mind, we neuro-sculpt. The peace we have known in our Mindfulness practice moves out into the world as our Due North, our shining star that lights the path in moments of miniscule or major darkness.


Then, thoughts arise, or people arise, or situations arise.

We cultivate awareness. We notice what is around us and what sensations are present, we experience breathing; we gain clarity. We get still. We get Strong. We Rise Up. We have a job here, and that job is to serve, to care for what is here. In ease, in breath, we Receive. We show up for this present moment, and Receive. Anything can happen there. We can See. We can offer space. We can be bathed in Universal Love or Laughter, we can be quiet and be completely fed by the silence, we can Listen deeply, or Witness an incredible pattern of light across the ceiling that is only there for 10 seconds, or Hold someone’s hand, or get a whole download of sacred, simple instructions for what to do and where to go from here. It’s all there. But availability, and intention are essential.

High aspiration. To get the sacred download, we have to be here.

Imagine for a moment the holy geometry of all human beings acting from this position of connectedness and respect. Everyday Heroes aligning into some pretty exciting ascension.
So Mindfulness shines the diamond of the mind-heart. Polishes it over and over again, making space, deep, dark, rich soil. Big breath, far-reaching, far-seeing, crisp clarity.




Getting still gives us that gap; the grace of seeing, before we even think, speak or act. There is consciousness: Wait. How do I want to be, here, now? Without gripping, clinging or defending our Peace Property, the clear wish to preserve what is dear arises within our heart. We Re-member: I want to be at ease, I want to be free of suffering, confusion and entanglements. My inner ground is a sacred space; I have cultivated it with effort and care. Peace is precious, to me, and to whomever I am with. This moment is my Call.


Leah R Vineberg enseigne la pleine conscience en milieu de travail à Montréal, et facilite des retraites urbaines d’une journée, à chaque mois. La prochaine retraite aura lieu ce samedi, le 13 fevrier, 2016. Pour tout autre information, visitez www.landwithin.com, ou la page Facebook: Land Within/ Atterrissage Interieur.